A Different Country | Images of South Wales in the 1970s

I was in contact with the now Derbyshire based photographer Robin Weaver recently and he introduced me to a brilliant collection of images that were taken during his time as a reporter for a local newspaper in South Wales during the 1970’s.

Aside from taking the usual press shots of rugby matches, mayors visits and the occasional flower show, he particularly enjoyed spending his spare time documenting the lives of the everyday Welsh people in and around the South Wales valleys and towns.

The images below are just a selection of Robins photography that capture a different time in Welsh Culture, long before sophisticated computers, mobile phones and on-demand television. These photos take us back to what now seems like ‘a different country’ which is the title of Robins book showcasing his work from that era.

A Different Country


All images © Robin Weaver http://www.twitter.com/RWeaverPhotos

A limited number of these books are currently available from http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/6037163-a-different-country

Article by Paul Wright http://www.twitter.com/mrpaulwright

2018 © British Culture Archive

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