A Different Country | Robin Weaver’s Images of South Wales in the 1970s.

By Paul Wright

In the 1970s Robin Weaver worked as a reporter for a local newspaper in South Wales. Aside from his day job taking shots of rugby matches, mayoral visits and flower shows he had a passion for photographing and documenting the lives of the everyday Welsh people in and around the towns and valleys where he worked.

The evocative images in our gallery below highlight a selection of Robins photography that capture a different era in Welsh culture, images frozen in time way before the hyper-connected age we live in now.

Robin: “I believe that old photographs develop a special character. It’s a unique sheen imbued by the passage of time. Looking through these photographs today, four decades later, I find myself not only in a different time, but also in a different country.”


Dowlais, Merthy Tydfil.
A corner shop in Splott, Cardiff.
Babysitting in Splott, Cardiff.
New Tredegar.
Ebbw Vale Steelworkers are told their plant is to be closed, 1975.
Children playing on their way home in Rhymney.
Farmers’ wives at Abergavenny cattle market.
Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil.
Tiger Bay, Cardiff.
Rugby fans mocking a preacher outside Cardiff Arms Park.
Carnival day in Blaenavon.
Cwmbran Shopping Centre.
Pancake tossing in Newport.
A mum and toddler at the outdoor market, Newport.
A boy on his Raleigh Chopper, Newport.
Children play on an abandoned car in Pill, Newport,

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