97 Recently Discovered Images of Manchester United & City Fans During the Late 1970s

I stumbled across these photos by the late photographer Iain S. P. Reid about a year ago or so. Not much is known about Iain except that he was a photographer with a special love for Manchester and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, who sadly passed away in 2000.

The photos date from around 1977 and feature mainly young fans attending home matches at Old Trafford and Maine Road.

I’ve recently shared some of his images on our Instagram and Facebook pages and they have stirred up some nostalgic memories about the football culture of previous decades, long before Sky TV and big money takeovers.

The majority of Iain’s images have not been seen by many, hopefully they can now be appreciated  by a wider audience.



All images by Iain S. P. Reid. Iain Reid Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/IainSPReid


Article by Paul Wright. http://www.twitter.com/mrpaulwright


2018 © British Culture Archive.

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