No Place Like Hulme | 20 Images of Hulme in the 1970s, 80s & 90s.

Hulme, Manchester, old Hulme, the crescents, high rise walkways, a concrete jungle.

Built after the slum clearances of the 1960s Hulme was a radical departure from the usual two up two down social housing of previous decades.

For its residents it created some tough times but also great times with its strong sense of togetherness and diverse community. Hulme was a place like no other.

Towards the end of the 1970’s the newly launched Factory night at The Russell Club attracted many upcoming bands to the area. Joy Division, The Cure and A Certain Ratio all graced its stage, now immortalised in David Winterbottom’s 24 Hour Party People.

Hulme also housed its own independent arts cinema in the shape of The Aaben, leading the way for Arthouse cinema in Manchester long before the city centre’s Cornerhouse.

The 1980s brought in a bohemian culture, artists, ravers and punks flocked to Hulme with its affordable rent and diy ethos, creating a cultural utopia. After hours it was a haven for party goers with makeshift venues like The Kitchen which was basically two flats knocked through to make a large party space/recording studio, many DJs often played a set there after playing at The Gallery or Hacienda and Hulmes own PSV club (previously The Russell). However by the 1990s the flats and crescents were in disrepair, plagued by damp and infestations, Hulme was left to rot by the council before its eventual demolition, making way for a complete new Hulme, unrecognisable to its former residents.

Our gallery below revisits the old Hulme, a place where memories and friendships were forged by a sense of survival and belonging.

1979, photo Alan Denney.
The Factory/Russell Club, 1979. Photo Kevin Cummins.
1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
Late 1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
Late, 1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
1970s. Photo Manchester Libraries.
1986. Photo Stuart Franklin.
Late 1980s. Photo Richard Davies.
Snort Cocaine For Kicks/Fight Racist Scum. Photo Unknown.
Late 1980s. Photo unknown.
Early 1990s. Photo via Hulme Storytelling.
Street Fight. Photo Unknown.
Late 1980s. Photo Unknown.
The Caribbean Club/PSV. Photo Richard Davies.
Free Kuwait with Tiger Tokens, early 1990s. Photo Richard Davies.
Late 1980s. Photo Unknown.
Early 1990s. Photo unknown.
‘Heaven Street’ late 1990s photo Lee Finch.

Article by Paul Wright

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