The Manchester Four Are Innocent | The Stone Roses – Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court, 1990.

By Paul Wright

In March 1990, The Stone Roses appeared at Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court.

All four members of the band were there to answer charges of criminal damage after doing a spot of Jackson-Pollockesque inspired decorating to the offices and owner of their former record label FM Revolver.

These previously unseen set of photos of The Roses were taken by our featured photographer Richard Davis after their appearance in court.

Richard was also in court for the hearing and made the following notes on the day.

“The Roses are charged with causing £15-20,000 worth of damage to their old record label FM Revolver Records of Wolverhampton. This allegedly involved the band members splattering paint over FM’s offices. The band admitted to the offence but claim their attack was justified in light of FM recently re-releasing Sally Cinnamon, whichout their permission”.

“Furthermore, the band are miffed about the accompanying video of Sally Cinnamon, which FM recently made. After a brief hearing in February, today saw all four Stone Roses at Wolverhampton Civic Court charged with Criminal Damage to FM Property. The case started at 10.00am but within five minutes, the packed courtroom (filled with fans) heard, yet again, that the case would have to be adjourned”.

“The band heard the charges which were made out to them in their real names, Alan John Wren, Ian George Brown, Gary Nigel Mounfield and John Thomas Squire. Due to the serious nature of the case, the Court decided to set a new date, April 12th at Wolverhampton Crown Court”.

“After posing for photo’s outside the court, much to the amusement of court officials and passersby, the band drove of brandishing a banner that read ‘THE MANCHESTER FOUR ARE INNOCENT’”.

Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.
Photo © Richard Davis.

All photos used with permission of Richard Davis. You can follow Richard on Facebook here Richard Davis Photography

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