About British Culture Archive

British Culture Archive is a non-profit resource highlighting the changing face and diversity of British society through documentary photography.

Our mission is to engage and inspire people through our online galleries, community workhops and exhibitions.

British Culture Archive are proud to work alongside a number of acclaimed social and documentary photographers, as well as giving a platform to those whose work has yet to be seen by a wider audience.

Our ongoing project The People’s Archive documents and preserves the thousands of images submitted to us by the public.

Our online galleries include many previously unseen images ranging from the 1960’s Mod Scene, Northern Soul and Punk. Through to Thatcher’s Britain, Social Housing, Industrial decline, Regeneration, Acid House, Protests and more.

“Britain is a cultural melting pot influenced by other nations. We take a look back at everyday life growing up in our towns and communities. The music, fashion, politics and passions that defined and united us through good times and bad times.” British Culture Archive

Photo © Red Saunders