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Anne Worthington | East Manchester, 2000s.

British Culture Archive | January, 2021.

Anne Worthington grew up in Blackpool in the North West of England then moved to Manchester. While living in the area of Hulme, she became part of the mix of artists, ex-students and squatters who had made the partly abandoned blocks of flats their own. She was part of a collective that produced large-scale performances. It was during this time that she first picked up a camera and took photographs of the area as it was being demolished, marking the end of an era of squat culture.

Documentary Photography


Anne went on to become a documentary photographer, working around the country in an old Land Rover, and over the next twenty years, produced a body of work that showed conditions of housing and the effects of the social and economic changes that had begun in the 1980’s.


The photographs show the inner city communities of Beswick, Clayton and Openshaw – areas of East Manchester that had fallen into decline. They capture the last days of these industrial areas, before and during the demolition that made way for new housing and businesses. She focused on the daily lives of people who lived there, and how they worked to keep their community together when so many institutions had fallen away.

Anne likes to work closely with people over extended periods of time showing the ways in which they survive and overcome. She is also a writer.


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