British Culture Archive Logo

“Britain is a cultural melting pot influenced by other nations. We take a look back at everyday life growing up in our towns and communities. The music, fashion, politics and passions that defined and united us through good times and bad times”

British Culture Archive is a non-profit organisation set up to document, highlight and preserve the changes in British culture and society through documentary photography.

The British Culture Archive was founded in 2017 through a passion of documentary photography and a mission to inspire and engage people from all backgrounds. Our online galleries, community workshops and exhibitions showcase and highlight British documentary photography from the twentieth century. British Culture Archive work alongside a number of respected photographers, as well as being a major platform for photography that has yet to be seen by a wider audience.  Our online galleries include many previously unseen images ranging from the 1960’s mod scene, northern soul and punk – through to Thatcher’s Britain, social housing, acid house and more. In 2019 we held our debut exhibition at The Social in London, showcasing the works of Tish Murtha, Rob Bremner and Richard Davis.

“British Culture Archive is a much needed platform for social and documentary photography and an important resource in these rapidly changing times. An essential documentation of everyday life and working class culture as is it was for many of us growing up in the UK”.