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The passage of time moves at an ever growing pace – whilst it’s essential to move forward, we can often forget where we came from and how things were for each generation living in our towns and communities. It’s important to look back and understand the power of photography in documenting the changing times that we have lived through. 


Nick Wynne’s photographs of Liverpool and Merseyside in the 1980s – a time when we were less distracted and polarised by the constant overwhelm of news and media. There is something special and real about Nick’s images, you can see the genuine connection with his subject, something that whatever your focus is one of the most important aspects of photography. 

Nick Wynne Liverpool 1980s
Kickabout in Liverpool, 1988. Photo © Nick Wynne.

Like Rob Bremner, a fellow student of Wallasey and Newport – Nick’s images capture the reality and everyday life growing up on Merseyside during the Thatcher years.

Birkenhead, 1980s.
Birkenhead, 1988. Photo © Nick Wynne.

North Wales

Nick “I first became interested in photography whilst I was at school in the early 80’s. When I left school I went to college in Wallasey and was taught by Tom Wood – It was around this time that I began a body of work documenting a traveller community in North Wales, as well as everyday life in Liverpool and Merseyside. 

Traveller Community in North Wales 1980s
Mandy and her dog. Shotton, North Wales, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.

“After Wallasey I continued my studies at Wolverhampton Poly under Nick Hedges, and finally in the early 90’s I went to Newport which was then headed up by Daniel Meadows.”

Eastern Europe

“I’ve travelled through Eastern Europe and the US, documenting the fringes of society, from refugees and gypsy communities in Hungary and Romania to prisoners in Arizona State Penitentiary.”

Hungarian freinds 1990 Nick Wynne
Friends in Hungary. A photo Nick took on his travels through Eastern Europe. Photo © Nick Wynne.

Power of The Image

“In recent years I’ve been working on self funded projects both in Beirut and nearer to home, reflecting my own awareness and vulnerabilities in the wider communities I find myself in. I’m attempting to balance the desire to capture the changing times we live in, whilst at the same time ironically facing the increasing dilemma of other people’s awareness of the power of the image, the perception others may have of the creator or the reasons for creating those images.”


Bold Street Liverpool 1980s
Bold Street. Liverpool, 1980s. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Girls in Liverpool 1980s
Friends in Liverpool, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Nick Wynne Liverpool 1980s
Silvester Street, Liverpool, 1988. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Liverpool, 1988. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Liverpool, 1980s
Back of the bus. Liverpool, 1980s. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Nick Wynne Liverpool 1980s
Liverpool, 1980s. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Girl on a Raleigh Grifter Birkenhead 1980s
Girl on a Raleigh Grifter. Birkenhead, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Liverpool 1980s
Birkenhead, 1987. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Conway Street, Birkenhead, 1980s. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Nick Wynne Liverpool 1980s
Birkenhead, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Birkenhead 1989
Birkenhead, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Birkenhead in the 1980s
Building a bonfire, Birkenhead. Photo © Nick Wynne.
Birkenhead, 1980s. Photo © Nick Wynne.
New Brighton, 1989. Photo © Nick Wynne.

All images © Nick Wynne.

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