No Place Like Hulme | Hulme, Manchester 1970s-90s.

However this idyllic utopia never materialised in working class Manchester, and in 1978 the social housing scheme was blasted by the then chair of Manchester City Council’s Housing Committee, who described the re-development of Hulme as an absolute disaster – “it shouldn’t have been planned, it shouldn’t have been built” he claimed.

Charles Barry Crescent, 1990. Photo © Richard Davis.


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10 thoughts on “No Place Like Hulme | Hulme, Manchester 1970s-90s.”

  1. My home – in the 1970s a family arena; the 1980s unployment and poverty; 1990s was hell and full of crime and drugs… Try not to glamourise the 90s, but reflect on the 70s…

  2. Greetings from Australia! i was born in Manchester in 1955 then migrated in OZ in 1960. I never knew my birth mother “Annie Silvanovitch” she played piano and sang the blues / Irish songs in the Grafton Arms and other pubs etc. I wonder by chance if anybody knew her or have a foto of her on the very off chance!! However she was born in 1919 and died in 1970..thanks for the memories…Regards Jeff

  3. John Sebastian

    The Russell club was so unique, as described it had some famous musical bands that performed there, including some stage plays, back then I saw nearly everything free there was the Russell Cricket Club team and our meeting place was upstairs looking down at all the performances. Great times regardless of the poverty and crime that hit everyone in one way or the other.


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