Featured Photographer | Peter Degnan




Peter Degan is a photographer living in Derby, England. He’s originally a native of Glasgow where he lived and worked for most of his life.

Peter: “My earliest recollection of photography is helping my dad develop films when I was a boy, which led to me becoming interested with the whole process of photography and creating and processing my own work from around the age of 15. The first camera I started off with a was a ‘Zenit E’ it was an SLR and using this I learned a lot about the basics of the craft. I always had a darkroom at home and spent many many hours in there developing and printing my work. I was shooting in black and white and this has always been my preferred medium. In subsequent years I would go on to use a number of different SLRs and although my tastes in photography were wide and varied at that time, it was my documentary and street images that always drew attention. It is a photographic genre that I love practicing and still do so to this day”.





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