Children playing on their way home from school. Rhymney, South Wales, 1975 – Robin Weaver.


Children playing on their way home from school. Rhymney, South Wales, 1974 – Robin Weaver.

  • 10 x 12″ Print on premium Fuji crystal archival paper.

Exclusive to British Culture Archive.


In the 1970s photographer Robin Weaver worked as a reporter for a local newspaper in South Wales. Aside from his day job, Robin had a passion for photographing and documenting the lives of the everyday people in and around the valleys of South Wales.

Robin’s stunning images preserve the character and charm of the people and valleys of South Wales in the 1970s.

Robin: “These photographs have developed a special character, It’s a unique sheen imbued by the passage of time. Looking through these photographs today, four decades later, I find myself not only in a different time, but also in a different country.”