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A collection of our crowdsourced archive documenting graffiti in the UK.

Graffiti in Hulme, Manchester, 1980s.
Graffiti in Hulme, Manchester, 1980s.

Photo © Anthony Maher/The People’s Archive®

It's Great to be Sexy. Leeds, 1997.
It's Great to be Sexy. Leeds, 1997.

Photo © Heather Griffiths/The People’s Archive®

Hartlepool - Twin Town Chernobyl, Redcar, 1980s.
Hartlepool - Twin Town Chernobyl, Redcar, 1980s.

Photo © Lucy Dearlove/The People’s Archive®

Lucy “This photo was taken in Redcar, just a few miles from Hartlepool, with the nuclear power station there being visible from the beach. It did seem close to home at the time that such a tragedy could happen in the nuclear industry. My godmother Pauline never ate lamb after Chernobyl because she thought the fallout had reached the Welsh hills.”

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, circa 1986/87.
Saltburn-by-the-Sea, circa 1986/87.

Photo © Steve Kennedy/The People’s Archive®

Anti-Poll Tax Demo, Leeds, 1990.
Anti-Poll Tax Demo. Leeds, 1990.

Photo © Andy Williams/The People’s Archive®

Reni Lives Grafitti, Deansgate, Manchester, 1996.
Reni Lives Graffiti, Manchester, 1996.

Photo © Alf G/The People’s Archive®

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