Walkway Kids, Manchester, 2001- Anne Worthington - Open Edition Print


  • Exclusive to British Culture Archive.
  • Print Type – Open Edition.
  • Sizes – A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches – 42.0 x 29.7 cm) and A2 (16.5 x 23.4 inches – 59.4 x 42.0 cm)
  • Paper – Fuji Crystal Archive.
  • Worldwide Shipping.

Photo © Anne Worthington / British Culture Archive, all rights reserved.

Anne Worthington

Anne Worthington produced an important body of work documenting the inner city communities of East Manchester in the early 2000s before the regeneration of the area.

The photographs show the inner city communities of Beswick, Clayton and Openshaw – areas of East Manchester that had fallen into decline. They capture the last days of these industrial areas, before and during the demolition that made way for new housing and businesses. Anne focused on the daily lives of people who lived there, and how they worked to keep their community together when so many institutions had fallen away.

Anne “I met people down streets and on steps, and got more known as the photographer. It could be a tough place, sometimes a dark place, but rarely unhappy. People had a sense of purpose. They saw something wasn’t right and took it on. They’d been keeping their community going when other institutions had fallen away. And they knew how to have fun.”

Walkway Kids, Manchester, 2001- Anne Worthington – Open Edition Print

A3 Archival Print £70.00, A2 Archival Print £120.00

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