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Hull in the 1970s | Photographs by Luis Bustamante

Luis Bustamante’s photographs of Hull in the 1970s provide a unique opportunity to look at the city in a long-gone past. They depict familiar places and faces that offer insight into the character of the city.

Queueing at The Bus Stop. Hull, 1970s.
An orderly queue at the Bus Stop.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Political Refugee

Arriving in the UK as a political refugee from Chile on Christmas Eve in 1974, Luis was one of thirty Chileans who were welcomed by the city after fleeing government oppression in his home country. After studying at Hull University, Luis worked in photography education in London and Bristol.

Shoppers in Hull, 1970s.
Shoppers in Hull, 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Arriving in Hull

Upon arriving in Hull, Luis recalled, “When you land in a new place, you can’t read the codes and connections with the social environment; they are challenging, to say the least. However, Hull University provided a welcoming environment to facilitate our adjustment. Gradually, we started to find our own space, and then, it was as if the place handed back the responsibility for what we intended to do. This was hard work, and we made mistakes frequently.”

Cream Phone Boxes, Hull, 1970s.
Cream Phone Boxes. Hull, 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

“Luis has conducted extensive documentary photography throughout the UK as well as in his native South America. His images and documentation of everyday life in Hull helped Luis make sense of his new surroundings, which were in stark contrast to his native Chile. Luis’s rich archive is an important social record and encapsulates a time of significant political and industrial change in the UK.”


Welcome to Jacksons, Hull, 1970s.
Welcome to Jacksons, Hull, 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Paragon Station, Hull, 1970s.
Photo Booth outside Paragon Station.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Fletcher's Fountain, Hull, 1970s.
Having a chat at Fletchers Fountain.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Hull, 1970s.
Children eye up the latest radios.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Boy on the wall, Hull, 1970s.
Boy on the wall. Hull, 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

Pearson Park, Hull, 1970s.
Teenagers hang out in Pearson Park, 1976.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

J Irwin Fish & Chips, Hull, 1970s.
J. Irwin Fish & Chips. Hull 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

The Kingston, Hull, 1970s.
Drinkers in The Kingston, Hull 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

The Wassand Arms, Hull, 1970s.
The Wassand Arms, Hull 1970s.

Photo © Luis Bustamante.

All images © Luis Bustamante, all rights reserved. 


Amongst his published works are two books (and two more in preparation) one on British life for Café Royal Books, and the 2003 anti-war demonstrations in Britain. 




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