Cream, Liverpool, 1990s

Mark McNulty’s Photographs of the 90s House and Rave Scene

British Culture Archive

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Mark McNulty is a portrait and documentary photographer from Liverpool. Much of his work has been focused around his home city of Liverpool – the bands, club nights and faces the city produces. Mark has been documenting the scene in Liverpool since the mid 80s, some of his early images capturing the bars and clubs around the city. 

Cafe Tabac, late 1980s
Cafe Tabac, Liverpool, late 1980s. Photo © Mark McNulty.

Mark documented many sweaty nights at Liverpool’s legendary Quadrant Park, 051 club and The State. Aside from his home city he ventured all over UK clubland capturing everything from youthful rave nights at Rezerection in Edinburgh, to the era of the ‘Superclub’ at venues such as Cream, Sankeys Soap and Back to Basics in Leeds.

Cream, Liverpool, 1990s
Cream, Liverpool, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.

8 Orgasms

Mark “One of the first clubs I photographed was called 8 Orgasms and that was on at Macmillan’s in Liverpool. I’d been going to the club for a while and through those early clubs, I started to meet people on the scene. Peter Coyle, previously singer with The Lotus Eaters put the night on with a group of other people, it mixed up live music with performance art and karaoke. They also had John McCready as the resident DJ for the night and it was one of the first places I really got to hear house music in Liverpool”. John later went on to be a Haçienda resident and respected writer. 

8 Orgasms Liverpool
8 Orgasms at Macmillan's. Photo © Mark McNulty.

Quadrant Park

Mark “My first published work was for a Manchester magazine called Avant. This was the first time I photographed Quadrant Park which was based in a massive old warehouse in Bootle. It was a mad place really with people travelling from all over – It was just one big dance floor!.”

Quadrant Park Liverpool 1990
Quadrant Park, Liverpool, 1990. Photo © Mark McNulty.

Superclub era

“I started to send my work to magazines such as i-D, The Face and Mixmag. After seeing the shots I was getting they sent me all over the place capturing the scene as it exploded into the superclub era of the mid-90s”.

“I got to take my camera around the UK capturing some iconic nights and DJs as they were breaking onto the scene”.

Daft Punk at The Heavenly Social, 1996
Daft Punk at The Heavenly Social, 1996. Photo © Mark McNulty.

“I’ve never stopped and I’m still a working photographer – music and arts documentation have never been far from my cameras but I’ve been lucky enough to work across all kinds of different sectors, from TV companies to museums, arts organisations and numerous brands”.


Bliss Rave, Birmingham, 1990
Bliss Rave, Birmingham, 1990. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Kaos, Leeds, 1990.
Kaos, Leeds, 1990. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Sugar Shack. Middlesborough, 1990s
Sugar Shack. Middlesborough, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Club XPO Burnley, 1990s
Club XPO, Burnley, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Pandora's Box, Leicester
Pandora's Box, Leicester, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Voodoo, Liverpool, 1990s
Voodoo, Liverpool, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Cream, Liverpool, 1995
Cream, Liverpool, 1995. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Rezerection, Edinburgh
Rezerection, Edinburgh, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Universe Rave, Bath, 1990s
Universe Rave. Bath, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Lakota Bristol 1990s
Revolution at Lakota, Bristol, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Herbal Tea Party, Manchester, 1990s.
Herbal Tea Party, Manchester, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Voodoo, Liverpool with 'Flat Eric' 1999
Voodoo, Liverpool with 'Flat Eric' 1999. Photo © Mark McNulty.
Voodoo, Liverpool, 1990s
Voodoo, Liverpool, 1990s. Photo © Mark McNulty.

You can see more of Mark’s work on his Instagram Page and Website.


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