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British Culture Archive is a registered non profit resource set up to document culture and social change in the UK. In 2023 we plan to open a permanent gallery and exhibition space in Manchester where we can showcase our People’s Archive alongside guest exhibitions from our featured photographers. If you appreciate the work we do you please support our Crowdfunder here.

Cramlington New Town, 1970s
Life on the new town. Cramlington, 1970s. Photo submitted to our People's Archive by Mark Rae.

Supporters comments

“It’s no surprise that Manchester and the North West has always sat on a global stage in the art and design world. Our working class and proud industrial heritage has produced some of the most influential names during the last few decades”.

“The DIY and maverick attitude of our people who create and collaborate continue to influence and shake up the status quo”

“British Culture Archive is a much needed platform for social and documentary photography and an important resource in these rapidly changing times. An essential documentation of everyday life and working class culture is it was for many of us growing up in the UK”.

“This is such a vital project. Growing up in Skelmersdale in the 80s & 90s our working class experiences, histories & lives were only being documented by our families & friends. It’s time to give a platform to this rich undercover archive & show some love for inadvertent curators!”

“It is those times that shape who are folks today…social history is a motivational key and family album for us all and next generational futures. 70yrs of NHS has just completed a digital history. We need Life after Life stories!”

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