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Mick Jones | Sheffield, 1969-70

Mick Jones | Sheffield 1969-70.

British Culture Archive | July, 2020.

Mick Jones was born and raised in Sheffield. Growing up on Park Hill, Mick enrolled on a Graphic Design course at Sheffield College of Art in 1968. As part of his course work he was asked to photograph his home city of Sheffield. During 1969-1970 he came ‘down from the hill’ and let loose with his camera, he captured what he knew, the daily lives of the ordinary people of Sheffield.

It was a time of mods and rockers, skins and suedes. It was bit of a rough and ready time for some but there was hope for a brighter, more modern future. Sheffield has never wallowed in nostalgia, it has always changed – but often it’s important to look back and reflect, to see how the city and it’s people have changed. It’s a brief insight into a world that now seems so distant.

All the images in our below gallery are included in Mick’s book ‘The View From The Hill’ which has been published by 1889 Books. You can order a copy here


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