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Clacton-on-Sea, 1950s
Clacton-on-Sea, 1950s.

Photo © Nancy Griffiths/The People's Archive®
Great Yarmouth, 1950s
Great Yarmouth, 1950s.

'A photo of my late father and mother taken in Great Yarmouth where they worked a summer season in the mid 1950’s.'

Photo © Sasha Lee-Nichols/The People's Archive®
Blackpool Beach 1960s
Blackpool Beach, 1963.

Photo © Peter Degnan/The People's Archive®
Blackpool, 1960s
Blackpool, 1960s.

Photo © Steve Chapple/The People's Archive®
Rhyl, North Wales, 1960s
Nell in Rhyl, North Wales, 1964.

Photo © Sofi Newell/The People's Archive.
Camping in Devon, 1960s
Camping in Devon, 1963.

Photo © Linda Webb/The People's Archive®
Blackpool, 1960s.
Blackpool, 1960s.

Photo © Shaun Miller/The People's Archive®
Newquay, 1960s
Newquay, 1960s.

'First girls holiday to Newquay, 1968.'

Photo © Val Shannon/The People's Archive®
Robin Hood Bay Caravan Park. Rhyl, 1970s
Robin Hood Bay Caravan Park. Rhyl, 1972.

Photo © Phil Trueman/The People's Archive®
Isle of Cumbrae, 1970s
Isle of Cumbrae, 1970s.

Photo © Jennifer Johnston/The People's Archive ®
Ty Gwyn Caravan Site Towyn, 1970s
Ty Gwyn Caravan Site Towyn, 1970s.

Photo © The People's Archive®
Holiday in Weymouth, 1970s
Holiday in Weymouth, 1974.

Photo © Steve Chapple/The People's Archive®
Butlin's Skegness, 1970s
Butlin's Skegness, 1974.

Photo © Francesca O’Shea/The People’s Archive.
Butlins Barry Island, 1970s
Butlin's Barry Island, 1974.

Photo © Philip Gifford/The People's Archive®
Rhyl, North Wales, 1970s
Caravan Holiday in Rhyl, North Wales, 1975.

Photo © Wendy Molyneux/The People's Archive®
Presthaven Sands, 1970s
Presthaven Sands, 1970s.

Photo © Chris Marks/The People's Archive®
Pontin's Prestatyn, 1970s
Pontin's Prestatyn, 1970s.

"My big sister Mary makes some 'friends' on holiday at Pontin's Prestatyn, 1978".

Photo © Jenny Berrisford/The People's Archive®
Blackpool, 1976.
Blackpool, 1976.

Lee "My grandparents took me to Blackpool twice a year for two weeks. I live here now and I'm volunteer for the Blackpool RNLI."

Photo © Lee Bonney/The People's Archive®
Caravan holiday in the Forest of Dean, 1980s
Caravanning in the Forest of Dean, 1980.

Jo: “My mum Sara, grandma Ethel and sister Char. We would holiday 7 miles down the road and pitch up in an empty field. Dad would camp with us but still get up and go to work at Rank Xerox each morning.”

Photo © Jo Weaving/The People's Archive®
Lads holiday to Torbay from The Vine pub in Sale, South Manchester, 1980s
Lads holiday to Torbay from The Vine pub in Sale, South Manchester, 1981.

This group of mates includes future Stone Roses guitarist John Squire (pictured front) and long term Fall drummer Simon Wolstencroft.

Photo © David Newbrook/The People's Archive®
Solway Lido, 1980s
Solway Lido, Silloth-on-Solway, 1981.

"Girls from Lancashire near Blackburn and boys from north east Tyneside - innocent days and we had so much fun (school camp - club house/pool) we met up with the same lads the year after - young love.”

Photo © Jo Murray/The People's Archive®
Day trip to Blackpool, 1980s
Day trip to Blackpool, 1984.

“My family on a day trip to Blackpool. We’d travel up every year from Coventry. Fond memories!”.

Photo © John Dawkins/The People's Archive®
Burnham-on-Sea, 1984.
Burnham-on-Sea, 1984.

Tracy: "A photo taken during a trip to Burnham-on-Sea of myself and my mother (and Mickey Mouse) in 1984."

Photo © Tracy Barclay/The People's Archive®
Camping in Barmouth, Wales, 1990s.
Camping in Barmouth, Wales, 1991.

Photo © Simon Crabtree/The People's Archive®
A family holiday in Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, 1990s
A family holiday in Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, 1992.

Photo © The People's Archive®
Butlins Skegness, 1990s.
Butlin's Skegness, 1996.

Photo © Craig Szlatoszlavek/The People's Archive®

All Images © The People’s Archive®/British Culture Archive, all rights reserved.


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